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Superintendent's Message - ASD Partners with CLIU21


October 2018

Dear ASD Community, 

At tonight's Allentown School District Board of Directors meeting, ASD and Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit 21 announced plans for an expanded partnership in support of the District’s fiscal management function. ASD finances, an area identified as critical needs areas within the District’s Strategic Framework Fall 2017. Within these critical areas, the Allentown School Board of Directors made a commitment to support all stakeholders through efficient processes, data systems and tools that are driven by results. To that end, the District commissioned an external audit (findings available here) from the Pennsylvania Financial Management (PFM) during Spring, 2018. The findings from the audit shared publicly on March 23, 2018, indicated a need to allocate external resources and supports to the District’s finance department.
“Our community and students deserve excellence in all areas of the Allentown School District, including our business office,” states school board president Charlie Thiel.  “CLIU will ensure the necessary alignment of resources and people through the creation of organizational systems and structures required to responsibly manage over $310 million dollars of taxpayer money that must be used with proper fiscal responsibility and oversight,” Thiel continued. 

The agreement between ASD and CLIU will also support the District with its Human Resource function. This additional support will include staff to fill critical vacancies, and also promote intentional alignment between both the finance and human resources departments. 

This collaborative relationship will support the growth and success of the Allentown School District by providing key support systems specifically within our business office and human resources departments. To provide high-quality education in classrooms and ensure students have the opportunity to truly flourish, the administrative side of any district must run effectively and be held accountable.

The CLIU is a committed partner with the District, the CLIU has both a vested interest and desire to provide leadership and management to build, execute and help to sustain business and human resources systems for the District’s future success.

“The CLIU is honored to partner with the Allentown School District to support its operational goals which will greatly serve the District as a whole.” Dr. Elaine Eib, Executive Director of the Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit.

Upon approval from the Allentown School District Board of Directors, this agreement would go into effect at the end of the calendar year.


Thomas Parker, Superintendent
Allentown School District