AllentownSchool District

Board Goals

2018 ASD School Board Goals

Each and every student, with the active support of the entire community, will graduate ready to thrive in a diverse and complex world. 

Each and every student will graduate college and career ready by having their individual needs met through active engagement in a rigorous, safe and nurturing learning environment.

In ASD, our commitment to Excellence, Partnership and Equity means that we believe in:

• Honoring each student’s unique qualities
• Ensuring equity of access and opportunities
• Nurturing the pursuit of lifelong learning
• Strengthening partnerships with families and communities
• Promoting cultural responsiveness
• Building trust and mutual respect

Our theory of action is grounded in a clear understanding of our challenges and the opportunities that exist to bring about continuous improvement. It tells a story of the choices and changes we intend to make to improve teaching, learning, and leadership.

Cultivate a culture in which students feel safe, valued and nurtured;
Center the district’s work on personalized learning and instruction;
Collaborate meaningfully and deeply with families and communities;
Create and expect organizational effectiveness and accountability; and
Calibrate leadership and learning at all levels,


ASD students will graduate college and career ready with the skills necessary to explore and pursue post-secondary options that lead to success in work and life.