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Music Elective Courses

Music Elective Courses

For electives that have limited enrollment, priority will be given to upper classmen who need the course to meet graduation, academy or pathway requirements.

Music Theory – AP* - No. 750A
Grade 11, 12      Year 1       5 Periods       1.0 Credit

A course for those interested in the serious study of music. Components include the study of musical terminology, score analysis and notational, compositional, and aural skills. Students prepare to take the Advanced Placement Examination in Music Theory.

Instrumental Activities - No. 756
Grade 9, 10, 11, 12      Year .5       5 Periods      0.5 Credits
Grade 9, 10, 11, 12      Year 1        5 Periods      1.0 Credit

Fall: For players of wind and percussion instruments the course begins in August with preparation for the Marching Band season and continues through Sept. & Oct. during Early Bird (pre-homeroom and homeroom) with early a.m. practice. String players not in Marching Band will meet as a string ensemble during Early Bird period. Approximately Nov. 1, all instrumentalists will be assigned by instrument and ability level to various ensembles. All band front students must enroll in Instrumental Music Activities.
Spring: Instrumentalists will be assigned to ensembles by instrument and ability level for public concert presentations.  Membership is by audition.

Choral Activities - No. 757
Grade 9, 10, 11, 12      Year .5       5 Periods      0.5 Credits
Grade 9, 10, 11, 12      Year 1        5 Periods      1.0 Credit

Choral Activities is a study, through rehearsal and public performances, of all aspects of the choral art: classical, pop, jazz, and show choir. This course, which offers an opportunity for anyone who wishes to learn and sing all types of music and perform on stage, is open to all students with or without experience. Competitive, travel and social opportunities are offered.  

Band - No. 761
Grade 9, 10, 11, 12      Year 1        3 Periods      0.6 Credits

Band includes the study and performance of works representative of the major forms (suite, overture, rhapsody, march, etc.) from baroque through contemporary periods of composition.. Preparation for band performances includes participation in summer and after school rehearsals. Marching Band season begins in August and concludes in October. Concert Band begins following the football season and continues throughout the remainder of the school year.

Instrumental Instruction  - No. 764
Grade 10, 11, 12      Year 1        5 Periods      1.0 Credit

Instrumental Instruction offers an individual or group development of comprehensive musicianship through careful attention to tone quality, accurate pitch, good blend and balance, sight-reading, and musical expression. Students may enroll in this course to receive individual help. (Continuing string and wind instrument players are especially encouraged to enroll.) 

Voice I  - No. 765
Grade 10, 11, 12      Year 1        5 Periods      0.5 Credits

Voice I is a course for beginners with little or no previous experience in singing. Any student may elect this course. No audition is required. Students must be willing and able to sing alone and with others. Students will study correct posture, breath control, enunciation and phrasing, tone production and control, and interpretation. 

Piano I -  No. 767
Grade 9, 10, 11, 12      Year 1        5 Periods      0.5 Credits

Piano I is a course designed for students who have no previous piano experience. This course is the study of the basic skills involved in reading music and playing the keyboard, including varied types of music, from pop to classical. Each student will have his/her own practice instrument.