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Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Program Courses

An elective program, Navy Junior ROTC offers students opportunities to grow as citizens. Students learn through classroom academic classes and hands-on field work. Each week includes two academic classes, a drill period, and one physical fitness period. Students are provided uniforms at no cost. The courses and concurrent extracurricular activities support development of community service, self-discipline, and patriotism. Courses are offered during academic periods including Early Bird. Courses are sequential, but upper class may start as Naval Science I students. Participation in NJROTC incurs no military service obligation, but offers many advantages to those who decide to enlist or enter an officer commissioning program after graduation. New enlistees gain accelerated advancement and increased pay. If qualified, NJROTC graduates can be awarded a nomination to the United States Naval Academy and other service academies. NJROTC graduates also earn an advantage in competition for Navy ROTC scholarships to attend colleges and universities.

Naval Science I- No. 961
Naval Science I (Early Bird) -  No. 965
Grade 9, 10, 11, 12      Year 1        5 Periods      1.0 Credit

This course presents an introduction to naval organization. Instruction includes basic first aid, naval history, and seamanship.  Students learn basic drill and proper wear of the uniform.

Naval Science II  - No. 962
Naval Science II (Early Bird) - No. 966
Grade 10, 11, 12      Year 1        5 Periods      1.0 Credit
This course introduces meteorology, naval weapons, leadership, survival skills, and citizenship. Moving beyond NS I material, students will expand knowledge in areas of seamanship, shipboard organization, and naval history.

Naval Science III  - No. 963
Naval Science III (Early Bird) - No. 967
Grade 11, 12      Year 1        5 Periods      1.0 Credit

This course continues to build knowledge in leadership, naval history and naval organization. Students explore electronics, astronomy, sea power, and practical leadership.

Naval Science IV  -  No. 962
Naval Science IV (Early Bird)  -  No. 968
Grade 12      Year 1        5 Periods      1.0 Credit

This course offers continued study of citizenship, naval history, naval organization and electronics. It also offers advanced work in leadership, examining ethical behavior and organizational psychology. As seniors lead underclassman in activities, they learn from practical experience.
A student may enroll in an ROTC program at Building 21 Allentown, William Allen or Louis E. Dieruff High School regardless of where he or she lives in the district. The student should work with the guidance department of his/her home middle or high school to arrange placement. A written parental request for transfer approval must be submitted to the Director of Community & Student Services, by the first week of August.