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Lehigh Career and Technical Institute Enrollment Options

“We have a career pathway for you!”  LEHIGH CAREER & TECHNICAL INSTITUTE will teach the skills and knowledge necessary to be ready to start a career.   With over forty career and technical course choices available for students, the opportunity to find a career pathway and be successful is a huge advantage for high school students.

Our career and technical programs are taught by instructors who have spent years training in their field of expertise to provide a state-of-the-art education.   Students have the opportunity to participate in job shadowing, internships, and co-op experiences (job placement) as well as taking college courses while a student at LCTI. Take a few moments and read about all the exciting choices and enrollment options available to you at Lehigh Career & Technical Institute.



Academic Center:  The Academic Center provides students in tenth through twelfth grades with the option of taking both their academic and career & technical course work at LCTI as full-day students.  These rigorous academic courses will satisfy graduation requirements as well as complement the career & technical major of each student. Students will still graduate from their resident school districts and are encouraged to partici­pate in extra-curricular activities back at their sending school.  Students will be able to register for the full-day program during their school district’s regular course registration time.

Half-day enrollment: Students in ninth through twelfth grade may choose the half-day enrollment option. The half-day option provides students with career & technical education at LCTI and the required academics at their respective school districts. Students are encouraged to take high-level course work at the sending district which will provide the academic background necessary to be successful in today's highly technical careers.

Flex time enrollment: Another option that may suit students' individual needs is the flex-day program.  The flex program is designed to provide students with technical coursework on a limited schedule.  Students may choose to come to LCTI for one or more periods per day depending upon their needs. Students may attend one or both semesters and may attend for multiple years. Many students use this technical educational train­ing as a jump start to a technical degree in a four-year institution.  Both the half-day and flex-day options may be chosen during the regular course registration process.



Why enroll? Lehigh Career & Technical Institute clearly has the potential to offer students many career opportunities in a schedule that will serve individual needs. Students may decide to pursue career & technical education starting with their freshman year or may start as a sophomore, junior, and even a senior.  With the rising cost of post-secondary education, students need to make critical career decisions that result in a post­secondary plan that has a likelihood of being successful. The more than forty career & technical offerings made available to students give them the skills and education that is necessary to make sound career deci­sions and become productive citizens in today’s global economy.

Lehigh Career & Technical Institute has a policy not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs or activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.  Inquiries may be directed to LCTI’s Title IX and Section 504 Coordinator for students at 4500 Education Park Drive, Schnecksville, PA 18078 or 610-799-1357 or LCTI’s Compliance Officer for personnel at 610-799-1385.



All courses in the LCTI Academic Center are college-preparatory and will meet graduation requirements. Courses are assigned based on classes completed at the sending district prior to attending LCTI.  All science courses are lab-based and a graduation project is required for all Academic Center students.  The courses offered in the Academic Center are listed below.





Social Studies





American Studies II


Fitness 11


Accelerated ELA III

Algebra II


World Cultures

Wellness & Fitness 12




Accelerated ELA IV


Physics I

Physics II

American Government/Civics/Economics


Accelerated American Government/Civics/Economics


LCCC English Course


Environmental Science




LCCC Academic  Courses





Lehigh Career & Technical Institute Academic Center Course Schedule



Semester I

Semester II











American Studies II

American Studies II













World Cultures*









American Government/Civics/Economics

American Government/Civics/Economics


Wellness & Fitness

Wellness &Fitness


Credit Recovery or LCCC Courses (Optional)

Credit Recovery or LCCC Courses (Optional)

*Semester Course


LCTI Academic options for half-day students

Lehigh Career & Technical Institute (LCTI) provides academic courses to some half-day students who attend the school. It is very important for students to be successful in both their academic and technical course work. The courses taken at LCTI are necessary to meet the student’s graduation requirements.  If a student does not complete an academic course with a passing grade, the course must be re-taken.  LCTI does not offer a summer school; however, this option may be available through the sending high school. It may also be possible for courses to be made up during the students’ senior year; however, make up courses scheduled in the senior year can cause the student to lose the opportunity for a Cooperative Education job placement. If the coursework is not made up, graduation from high school may be jeopardized.

The following academic courses for half-day students may be required while attending LCTI.

American Studies II

The American Studies II course addresses the development of the United States throughout the twentieth century. This course is aligned to the Pennsylvania Core Standards for Social Studies as well as Reading, Writing, and Listening and Speaking. Through various activities and lessons, these standards will be met to understand the development of the United States as a world power; focusing on economic and industrial development, political trends, society and cultural problems and achievements. The students will develop an understanding of the progress of technology and social groups. They will be expected to evaluate the changes of culture in society and analyze the political contributions of individuals and events of the periods studied. American Studies assignments also include the integrated concepts between this history course and various Career & Technical Labs. Students will be assessed formally and informally to determine mastery of the content for the duration of the academic year.

Wellness & Fitness

Course Overview: The Wellness Program provides students with life-changing information on nutrition and various techniques on stress management that they can use throughout life. The most common mental disorders will be researched and students will receive training on suicide prevention. During nutrition, students will investigate the harmful ingredients found in the foods they eat on a daily basis, analyze products served by several fast food chains and research healthy alternatives.

The Fitness Program is designed to acquaint students with the benefits of physical activity in their lives and to promote life-long wellness and fitness. The course, which is held in the state-of-the-art LCTI Fitness Center, will feature various strength and conditioning principles, such as specificity, progression and overload, along with multiple training techniques, such as CrossFit, Tabata, Yoga, and an assortment of technology-based exercises.



At Lehigh Career & Technical Institute, students learn by doing.  Teachers guide students from instruction to action, helping them tackle projects that mirror on-the-job challenges as they develop the knowledge and skill necessary to secure industry credentials, earn college credit or both. For example, marketing students manage a store on their way to earning National Retail Federation certification.  Programs are identified as either Program of Study (POS) or TECH PREP which designates the type of post-secondary credit options available.  Students who participate in the POS programs have the ability to earn advanced college credits through SOAR (Students Occupationally and Academically Ready) or through articulation credit with a specific post-secondary school.  Tech Prep programs only offer articulation credit where available. LCTI’s programs fall into five areas of study:


Advertising Design/Commercial Art:  Students will learn the latest Adobe graphic design software currently used in the professional workplace. The emphasis of the program is based on Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign Creative Cloud and creating a printed and electronic portfolio of work produced through these programs. Students are able to receive certification for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign through Adobe endorsed Train Simple. In addition to the Adobe Creative Cloud, students will learn traditional illustration skills such as pencil drawing and shading, water color, color pencil, scratch board and various other mediums. Photography for advertising is used in class and students will learn the use of a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera and the setup of strobe lights. Students are able to concentrate in three different career objectives which are Graphic Design, Sign-Making or Illustration. (POS)

Commercial Photography/Electronic Imaging:  Students who select this specialty will receive training in photography both in the studio and on location using the latest digital camera techniques and digital computer technology for processing and printing images. The course includes professional lighting techniques and design elements for a wide variety of subjects including wedding and portraiture, products for advertising, as well as photojournalism and editorial markets. (TECH PREP)

Drafting/Computer-Aided Design:  Students combine their industrial and mechanical interests with creativity and work toward successfully moving into mechanical, architectural or civil engineering careers. Drawing tech­niques, architectural plans, advanced AutoCAD, and engineering, open the world of CAD to students. This solid foundation assists Drafting/CAD students who wish to pursue further education and professional careers.  (POS)


Administrative Office Technology/AccountingStudents are exposed to a variety of both technical and interpersonal skills to help prepare them for the 21st century office. Skills include office procedures, business communications, accounting, word processing, and utilizing the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Publisher). Additional topics include entrepreneurship, teamwork, and public speaking. *This program participates with the IT Academy*(POS)

Computer Information Technology:
 Students will be at the forefront of cyber-security related issues as a means to safeguard sensitive data and preserve confidentiality. Computer Information Technology will challenge students to develop meaningful business solutions through computer programming in Visual Basic, C+, C#, and Java.  Students will learn to work with data in order to produce relevant information that will help to drive the direction of organizations and solve real problems.*This program participates with the IT Academy* (POS)

Computer & Networking Technology: Students are prepared for advanced network training and the industry standard CompTIA  A+ and Network+  Service Technician certifications.  The program takes students from basic PC hardware through operating systems and networking.  Students will also learn the MS Office Suite, customer service and support, and advanced network support.  Students have the opportunity to participate in dual enrollment coursework for college credit; additionally, satisfactory completion of the program may grant college course credit through articulation agreements with LCCC. . *This program participates with the IT Academy* (POS)

Marketing and Business Education:  Students learn about finance, retail marketing, banking, entrepreneurship, promotions and other important aspects of marketing through virtual business software and retail experience in the school’s store. They examine what is necessary to run a business, promote a product or manage a department. Practical experience is available through the student-managed school store and by participating in community internship opportunities. (POS)

Print Technology/Graphic Imaging:  Students creatively design printed materials such as full-color books, posters, packaging, displays, stationary, as well as specialty items like mugs and shirts. Using the most current versions of Adobe Creative Cloud software on Apple Macintosh computers, students then reproduce their attractive projects on state-of-the-art copiers, printing presses, and bindery machines in a real production environment. (POS)

Web Design/Web Programming:  Students learn the fundamentals related to web page design and website devel­opment, graphics, multi-media and HTML coding. Students are taught the tools for rapid web page production and basic server-side programming techniques to handle everything from forms transmittal to building dynamic interactive web pages, intranet, extranet and e-commerce applications. . *This program participates with the IT Academy* (POS)


Electromechanical/Mechatronics TechnologyStudents learn an innovative curriculum which combines hands-on training with real world industrial equipment and software. Students get a solid background in industrial, electrical and electronic systems, A.C. and D.C. motors, motor controls, power distribution systems, programmable controllers, hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanical drives, transformers, process control systems and troubleshooting. (POS)

Electronics Technology/Nanofabrication:  Students are taught the principles of electronics.  From DC Circuits to Solid State Devices they learn to design, build, and test electronic circuits. LCTI has a fully functioning Class 1000 fabrication room (cleanroom) where students create the silicon chips that are the foundation of the information age and the heart and soul of modern electronics. (POS)

Precision Machine Tool Technology: LCTI’s Precision Machine lab is recognized as a Haas Technical Education Center and incorporates lessons and demonstrations, as well as extensive applications training in reading blueprints, operating a digital lathe, milling machine, drill press and other machine shop operations in the curriculum. Students train on state-of-the-art CNC machine tools placed in the lab by Haas Automation. (POS)

Pre-engineering TechnologyThis pre-engineering program is a sequence of courses which, when combined with traditional mathematics and science courses, introduces students to the world of engi­neering. Students study the principles of engineering, engineering design, digital electronics and computer integrated manufacturing. (POS)


Auto Body/Collision Repair Technology:  Students learn about the tools and equipment associated with the collision repair industry, while learning welding, non-structural and structural damage analysis, estimating, and repair techniques, along with paint preparation and refinishing systems used on today's technologically advanced automobiles. This comprehensive course of study and the volume of exposure students receive allows them to step into the workforce immediately following graduation or continue studies at the post-secondary level. (POS)

Auto Technology:  Students in this program are prepared to diagnose and repair automobile systems including elec­trical systems, ignition and emission systems, engine cooling and lubrication, front ends, air conditioning, brakes, transmissions, engines and drive trains. Students participate in the nationally recognized Automotive Youth Education Systems (AYES) industry partnership. The instructors of this program are Master Certified ASE Technicians who utilize state-of-the-art equipment to prepare students to become automotive technicians. (POS)

Cabinetmaking & Millwork: Cabinetry, wood products design and layout and construction open the world of cabinetmaking & millwork to students. Students are taught to read blueprints, make shop drawings, and produce components with trade-related hand and power tools and machinery. The newly expanded lab and curriculum pro­vides knowledge of lumber products adhesives, fastener, finishing, 32mm cabinets and counter top fabrication. Technology has entered this rewarding construction trade with the addition of CNC router technology. (POS)

Carpentry: Blueprints, site work, construction footings, framing floors/walls/ceilings/roofs, radon control, insulation and power tools are some of the areas taught in Carpentry. Students participate in the LCTI Student House Project where a home is built and sold at auction upon its completion. Students learn how the building industry works, its standards, and what is required to complete a project on time and at cost. (POS)

Diesel/Medium and Heavy Truck Technology: Students gain experience with drive trains, clutch assemblies, transmissions, diagnostics, steering and other aspects of this industry. Students also study suspension, diesel engines, gasoline engines, bearings and seals. The trucking industry needs professionals to service the truck fleet that keeps industry and commerce moving in the United States. LCTI can provide students with the necessary expertise they need to succeed in this industry. (POS)

Electrical Technology: Students learn residential, commercial, and industrial electrical wiring, as well as fluid power technology planning and wiring. Students are taught to install duplex and split wired duplex receptacles, single pole switches, 3-way and 4-way switches and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters. (POS)

Heating/Air Conditioning & Refrigeration: Students learn to install, troubleshoot and repair air conditioning, heat pumps, commercial refrigeration units and gas and oil heating equipment. Skilled technicians are proficient in reading electrical diagrams, diagnosis of electrical problems, air distribution designs, copper and steel pipe cutting, soldering and fabricating fiberglass and sheet metal duct systems. (POS)

Heavy Equipment Operations & Preventive Maintenance: As a student in this fast-paced and diverse program, you will learn the safety, maintenance and operating techniques for a wide variety of earthmoving equipment. Students will also receive instruction in soils, erosion and sediment control, site preparation, aggregate production, concrete and asphalt paving, surveys and grades, and utility installation. In addition, students will have the opportunity to learn machine systems, parts identification and ordering, and preventative maintenance techniques in a state-of-the-art facility. This program is not available to ninth grade students. (TECH PREP)

Masonry: Students will learn various layouts and pattern designs using brick, concrete masonry units, stone and ceramic tile. This comprehensive program teaches students how to correctly use the necessary tools and equipment to build simple wall structures, fireplaces and brick sculptures. Ceramic tile installation and thin stone veneer applica­tions are also included in the curriculum. Students also participate in the student-built house project. (POS)

Painting and Decorating:   Students learn to refresh and highlight interior and exterior spaces (residential and commercial) as well as improve and restore historical buildings.  Painting, wallpaper hanging, furniture refinishing, line striping, staining and spraying are among some of the topics emphasized in this program.(TECH PREP)

Plumbing and Heating:  In this high priority occupation program, Students will learn the basic to the advanced skills of Plumbing & Pipe Fitting. Repairing and installation of items such as, but not limited to; Faucets, Bathtubs, Toilets, Sump Pumps, Sewage Pumps, Water Heaters, Boilers, Water Softeners, Well Pumps, Solar Heating Systems, Chilled Water, Air Conditioning and Radiant Heating Systems. This lab will teach skills such as but not limited to; brazing, soldering, threading, pressed, rolled/grooved, flared, pipe fitting and measurement and fused joints. Students will work with PEX, Copper, Steel, Cast Iron, PP-R, PVC and CVPC Pipe and Tubing. This program incorporates a multi-level and fast paced, technology enriched learning environment. (POS)

Small Engines/Recreational Vehicle Repair: Students: Will learn to diagnose and repair lawn mowers, chain saws, jet skies, motorcycles and go-karts. Students will learn about the small engine and the vital components to effectively make the engine perform to maximum efficiency. Students will also learn about brake systems, transmissions, hydraulics, hydrostatics and drive systems. Students will learn skills that involve welding, cutting with a torch, cylin­der honing and boring. (POS)

Supply Chain Management & Logistics Technology: Students learn inventory control, purchasing, receiving, shipping, equipment operation and maintenance in a state-of-the-art 17,000 square foot distribution center.  Students train with current industry technology including handle-held track pads and computers, vertical and horizontal carousels, a computer-controlled conveyor and a computer-integrated warehouse management system.  Students explore the supply chain of products from their global origin to the consumer including modes of transportation. (POS)

Welding Technology: This course teaches students shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding, flux cord arc welding, welding inspection, testing, and safety/emergency procedures. The program operates under entry level certi­fication authorization by the American Welding Society and a special arrangement with Lehigh Carbon Community College permits students to earn a national skills certificate and an Associate Degree. (POS)



Applied Horticulture: This program, a combination of general horticulture (plant science) and hands-on applications, prepares students to produce, process and market plants and flowers used for ornamental and aesthetic purposes as well as establishing, maintaining and managing various horticultural businesses.  Instruction emphasizes knowledge, understanding and applications important to the success of businesses such as floriculture (floral design), greenhouse and nursery operations and management, and landscape technology.   (POS)

Commercial Baking: Cake decorating, breads, rolls, sweet goods, pastries, pies, doughnuts and nutrition are all part of this course. Students learn the fundamental principles and procedures of operating a fully functioning bakery and retail bake shop, including preparation, display and management. With attention to both theory and practice, this course is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in the commercial baking industry. (POS)

Cosmetology: Students learn hair styling, hair cutting, hair coloring, chemical texturizing, nail/skin care and salon business operations. Students learn these skills through clinical practices offered at the school salon. Preparation for the Pennsylvania State Board Examination will enable students to become licensed as a cosmetolo­gist and will allow them to work in a challenging and creative profession. (TECH PREP)

Culinary Arts: Stocks, soups, sauces, appetizers, desserts, main dishes, menu planning and nutrition are just some of the aspects of this program. Students learn front of the house and back of the house skills working in the school restaurant. LCTI’s program is certified by the American Culinary Federation and is nationally recognized as exempla­ry in all areas of the curriculum. (POS)

Dental Technology: Students who enroll in this program learn a variety of skills that will enable them to become a dental assistant, dental laboratory technician, and/or pursue a career as a dental hygienist. The major areas of study in the course include: dental radiology, oral pathology, chair-side dental assisting, anatomy and physiology, dental materials, sterilization, and dental office business procedures. (POS)

Early Care & Education of Young Children:  Students studying childcare will learn child and staff health, child development, early childhood education, special education, discipline and guidance of children, childcare program development and professional development.  (POS)

Emerging Health Professionals: The Emerging Health Professionals Program provides high school seniors with an opportunity to experience a variety of health care careers in a hospital setting and take Penn State/Lehigh Carbon Community College science courses for college credit. Students spend one day a week rotating among various departments of a hospital. Students will experience these departments throughout the three Lehigh Valley Hospital & Health Network facilities, St Luke's University Health Network Allentown Campus, Country Meadows, and Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network.  The hospital portion of the program provides students with observational experience that enables students to observe various health care professionals as they work with patients.  Also, students have the opportunity to meet various health career professionals during presentations within the LVHN community. In addition to these experiences, students are given an overview of the health care industry and all that it entails throughout their coursework at LCTI. This program is only available to senior students. (POS)

Health Occupations/Health Related Technology: Students are taught about the patient’s environment, nutrition, special treatments, care of the elderly, hospital procedures, and more. The world of medicine and science is growing and changing daily creating an urgent need for well educated skilled professionals. Students are afforded the opportunity to achieve the Nurse Aide Training Certificate in their senior year making them eligible to sit for the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program exam. (POS)

Criminal Justice: Students learn Pennsylvania criminal and traffic laws, the legal use of force, search/seizure/evidence procedures, arrests and other aspects of law enforcement. Students also train in a fire arms simulator and conduct mock disaster drills to gain practical emergency skills. (POS)


Service Occupations:  Five curricular areas are offered in this program: Building Trades Maintenance, Food Service, Hospitality Services, Indoor/Outdoor Maintenance, and Supply Chain Management & Logistics Technology. Each area is designed to help the student transition from basic entry-level skill development to more advanced tech­nical training or directly into the workforce. A skills screening will be done to determine the readiness and interest of the student. Results of the screening will be provided to the student’s IEP team.

Career Academy Program:  Provides the nine participating school districts of Lehigh County an alternative for at-risk students to receive a high school diploma and work toward a career goal in their program of choice. Selected technical programs at LCTI are available to Career Academy Program (CAP) students. They receive academic instruction in English, mathematics, social studies, science, health/wellness, physical education, job readiness, and enrichment coursework.  The program operates on a three-day rotation schedule with two out of three days focused on Career & Technical Education Programs. Programs include: Auto Specialization Technology, Building Trades Maintenance, Early Care & Education of Young Children, Electrical Technology, Health Occupations/Health Related Technology, and Office Systems Technology

School-To-Career - What We Are All About!

 ·         Job Shadow  
Students accompany employees through part of a typical day and learn about the varied aspects of their job and skills required to work in the field.
·         Internship        Students may participate in a business match program that allows them to spend a period of time working in their field of study.

 ·         Cooperative Education         Students in 11th and 12th grade may participate in a business match program that allows them to spend a portion of the school year working in their field of study.  Students pursue their academic coursework on a half-day schedule and report to their place of employment for the remainder of the day.


Did you know you can take college classes while attending LCTI?

Opportunities to earn college credit while still in high school

You won’t have to break the bank to attend college. Each credit course at Lehigh Carbon Community College (LCCC) costs about half the regular tuition rate and less than a fourth of the cost for a comparable credit course at any one of Pennsylvania’s State universities. 

What is a placement test?  A placement test is given to students who are interested in taking college courses at LCCC. Students must obtain a minimum score to be eligible for college classes.  More information regarding placement testing can be found on 

Dual Enrollment requirements?  Students must be Level II or higher in their lab programs and maintain a minimum of a “C” average to participate in Dual Enrollment. Students must also have good attendance and no discipline referrals. The tuition and associated costs for dual enrollment courses must be paid by the student/parent. 

Want to see if Dual Enrollment is right for you? 
Our free, one credit course “The College Experience” is an opportunity to explore dual enrollment.  In “The College Experience” you’ll learn what to expect if you go to college, as well as what will be expected of you.  Upon completion of the course, students have the option of taking a placement test to determine eligibility for future classes at a reduced rate paid by the student/parent.