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You Are The Light Recognition - March 2023

You Are The Light Recognition - March 2023
Posted on 03/22/2023
On Wednesday, March 22, 2023, the Allentown School District recognized over 50 staff and students as a part of the first You Are The Light Celebration! 

Winners were recognized in the following categories: 

These trendsetters are members of the Allentown School District’s Learning Community who utilizes opportunities to create new paths for self, peers, colleagues or members of the ASD community; Contributes to the development and/or improvement of programs, services, or curriculum; Fosters staff and student growth, effectiveness, or professional development; Student trendsetters are people who demonstrate leadership within their schools/classroom to collaborate with administrators and staff to improve student experiences in ASD.

 Classroom / Community Catalysts
These individuals continue to champion change in their classrooms, school, and community. Contributes to student success by closing achievement gaps, measuring progress/using assessments, implementing interventions, or student engagement. Student Classroom/Community Catalysts advocate for their peers by using their voices and talents to create change within their school communities. This may or may not be through the creation of or participation in student government, clubs, athletics, the arts, etc.

These individuals might not live the spotlight, but they are members of the Allentown School District’s Learning Community who continues to nurture those within their schools and departments. Staff Quiet Heros develop successful partnerships and outreach to parents, businesses, or neighborhoods; provide community services or service-learning projects; displays outstanding responsiveness, customer service, or customer satisfaction. Student Quiet Heroes contribute to the culture and climate of their school/community by supporting other students, staff, families as a role model of active kindness, cooperation,  and teamwork.

A full list of winners by school is below: 

Central Elementary School
Mary White,   Quiet Hero/ Heroine
Victoria Miranda, Classroom/ Community Catalyst

Dodd Elementary School
Monica Styles,  Quiet Hero/ Heroine
Alexander Reyes Espinal, Classroom/ Community Catalyst

Hays Elementary School
Francheska Berroa Castro, Trendsetter
Margarita Ramos Quiet, Hero/ Heroine

Jackson Early Childhood Center
Sue Ortiz, Quiet Hero/ Heroine
Angelina Rodriguez, Quiet Hero/ Heroine

Jefferson Elementary School
Adiel Valenzuela, Quiet Hero/ Heroine
Esther Servasis, Classroom/ Community Catalyst

Lehigh Parkway Elementary School
De'Vion Rodriguez Feal, Trendsetter
Dave Peters, Quiet Hero/ Heroine

Mosser Elementary School
Aubree Wann, Trendsetter
Andrea Dougherty,  Quiet Hero/ Heroine

Muhlenberg Elementary School
Karen Towers, Muniz Quiet Hero/ Heroine
Solomon Grimsley, Classroom/ Community Catalyst

Ramos Elementary School
Megan Berger Quiet Hero/ Heroine
Jariel Herrera Garcia, Classroom/ Community Catalyst

Ritter Elementary School
Pati Williams, Trendsetter
Armani Carlevarino, Classroom/ Community Catalyst

Roosevelt Elementary School
Sandra Lapp, Quiet Hero/ Heroine
Eliany Rivera, Classroom/ Community Catalyst

Sheridan Elementary School
Jennifer Lasko,  Quiet Hero/ Heroine
Henry Garcia, Classroom/ Community Catalyst

Union Terrace Elementary School
Madison R. Fritz, Trendsetter
Lauren Kot, Quiet Hero/ Heroine

Washington Elementary School 
Dia Smith, Trendsetter
Paris Brown, Quiet Hero/ Heroine

William Allen High School 
Maisha Utterback, Quiet Hero/Heroine
Doriangelys Ruiz, Quiet Hero/Heroine

Dieruff High School
Megan Elias, Quiet Hero/Heroine 
Clara Awad, Classroom / Community Catalyst

Building 21 High School 
Megan Justice, Quiet Hero / Heroine 
Rashaun Brown, Quiet Hero / Heroine

Harrison Morton Middle School
Robert Barnum, Quiet Hero/ Heroine
Peter Makhoul, Classroom/ Community Catalyst

Raub Middle School
Virginia Mervine, Trendsetter
Yousri Alyas, Quiet Hero/ Heroine

South Mountain Middle School
Irma Rivera, Quiet Hero/ Heroine
Hunter Seng, Quiet Hero/ Heroine

Trexler Middle School
Meridith Hippert, Classroom/ Community Catalyst
Blanca Oliveras, Classroom/ Community Catalyst

Secondary Newcomer Academy
Dayana Meza Quiroz, Quiet Hero/ Heroine
Mercedes Gonzalez, Quiet Hero/ Heroine

K-6 Newcomer Academy
Bibi Horriya-Hashimi, Trendsetter
Janet Ayacu, Quiet Hero/ Heroine

Virtual Campus
Gage Schaffer, Trendsetter
Kayden Jackson, Quiet Hero/ Heroine

Alternative Education
De'ziyah Star Feal, Quiet Hero/ Heroine
Dennis McWhite, Quiet Hero/ Heroine

Central Administration
Dr. Lourdes Sanchez, Quiet Hero/Heroine