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School Uniforms


Allentown School District students are required to wear school uniforms. All school uniform clothing must be appropriately sized for the child, that is, they must be no more than one regular size larger than the student actually measures. Extra wide, extra-long, baggy or sagging clothes are not acceptable. All shirts will be tucked.

Each school has a uniform bank where families who are in-need can receive new or gently used uniform pieces.  To obtain access to the uniform bank, please speak to your school building leader if you are in need of uniform support for your student.

Additional Uniform Guidelines

Physical Education Requirements 

  • In instances where a student is required to change to participate in physical education class (Middle/High School), s/he must wear required physical education clothing required by school. All garments worn for PE must be neither revealing nor suggestive and must be free of offensive and/or inappropriate logos, iron-ons, emblems, pictures, decorations, and/or words.
  • There are no special requirements for dress for elementary PE classes other than appropriate shoes (sneakers). Girls should have shorts, tights or leggings underneath their jumpers/skirts.
    Clothing worn for PE class must be hemmed and are to be free of holes, slits, frays, studs, rivets, sewn-on loops, and ties (unless tie is used to secure bottoms at the waist).
    Student(s) may bring sneakers from home to wear during PE classes. These shoes do not have to follow dress code requirements as long as they are worn during the PE class only.

Transfer Students 

Upon enrolling in the school district, new students should immediately receive uniform guidelines. If parent(s) or guardian(s) indicate a financial hardship in compliance with uniform guidelines they should be given an application for financial assistance. Schools should make every effort to support family, including utilizing items in uniform bank.

Consequences of Non-Compliance 

The Allentown School District and its staff recognize that there may be circumstances that occur when students are not in compliance with the uniform policy. The following is a guide for the non-compliance of such infractions, however the building administration and/or designee should make every effort to investigate, support, and communicate with families to resolve issues related to non-compliance of uniform procedures before administering any documented disciplinary infraction.

Upon the first and second infraction:
- Student may be removed from classroom until a change of dress can occur
- Parent/Guardian contacted
- Warning given
- If parent/guardian cannot provide uniform, student may be provided uniform for temporary use

Upon the third and subsequent infractions:
- Student removed from classroom until a change of dress can occur
- Parent/guardian contacted
- Referral may be made to Student Assistance Program (SAP)
- Student may be assigned administrative detentions(s)
- Students repeated violations of uniform policy will be considered guilty of defiance (Level II infraction)

Vendor Information

School Uniform Fund

For information on contributing to the Allentown School Uniform Fund, go to:

School Uniform Donations