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Allentown School District & Bloomsburg University Partner for Guaranteed Admission Agreement

Allentown School District & Bloomsburg University Partner for Guaranteed Admission Agreement
Posted on 10/31/2019
The Allentown School District (ASD) is excited to announce an expanded partnership with Bloomsburg University (BU) that will guarantee admission to qualifying students of ASD’s Class of 2020 and beyond. 

“We are thrilled to announce the expansion of the partnership that began last year at Dieruff High School known as the ‘Husky to Husky’ pipeline,” said Thomas Parker, Superintendent of the Allentown School District. “Bloomsburg University is now poised to give all ASD graduates, be they a husky, a phoenix or a canary, a chance to become a part of the BU family.”

Creating collaborative partnerships and increasing access to higher education, as this agreement with Bloomsburg University does, are key elements to ensuring student success and achieving the goals outlined in the district Strategic Framework.  

"Because of the many talented and hard-working high school students in the Allentown School District, we are excited to reward these students with guaranteed admission to Bloomsburg University," said BU President Bashar W. Hanna.  "Having grown up in Allentown, the ‘Husky to Husky’ program is especially gratifying to me personally, and it is exciting to expand the agreement to all schools within the ASD.  At Bloomsburg University, we remain committed to our mission of providing students an education that prepares them for personal and professional success during and after their years at BU.”

ASD seniors who achieve admission requirements, apply to and are accepted into a Bachelor’s Degree program at BU will also have their application fee waived. Throughout the school year, ASD and BU will work collaboratively to increase direct touch points between students and their families with BU’s admissions counselors. Additionally, ASD has committed to hosting a reception and open house events for students and their families with admission, financial aid, scholarship and advising opportunities.  

“Allentown School District is home to some of the best and brightest young minds our Commonwealth has to offer,” said Senator Browne. “Bloomsburg University’s removal of significant barriers to quality higher education for some of these students will enable them to explore their passions, realize their potential and achieve success. I applaud Bloomsburg University for its commitment to Allentown School District students and for granting them access to opportunities that they have earned and deserve.”

Bloomsburg University will support ASD students and recognize their academic performance not only through the direct pathway to BU enrollment, but also by offering university scholarships to eligible students. Scholarships range from $2,000 to full tuition, easing the fiscal challenges some families may face when paying for college and celebrating the merit of our ASD graduates. 

“As a proud parent to two ASD students, I know the incredible amount of talent and promise that our children have,” said State Representative Schweyer. “For so many of them, the only thing standing in their way to greatness is just an opportunity.  This partnership between ASD and Bloomsburg will break down barriers – financial and others – that prevent our children from achieving their potential.”  

“For many students, pursuing higher education comes with the difficult choice of taking on twenty years of debt.  That education may open doors to allow those students to change lives and the world,” said State Representative Schlossberg. “This partnership between the Allentown School District and Bloomsburg University shows incredible commitment by leaders to help students make the decision much easier.  This might be the one instance where Canary Nation won’t mind a few extra Huskies in the world.”