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ASD Celebrates Support Staff During the Month of November

ASD Celebrates Support Staff During the Month of November
Posted on 11/04/2019
Last school year, the Allentown School District wanted to make sure that our support staff who provide critical assistance to teachers and administrators every day had a chance to be recognized and shine. They officially made November Support Staff Recognition Month in ASD! 

From custodial to paraprofessional, these are the staff members (sometimes literally) keep the lights on!

Our support staff are actively working with teachers to drive personalized learning and instruction, as well as cultivating a culture where students feel safe, valued and nurtured. 

Without the work of these key groups, we would not be able to work towards a better future for our students. They are truly Committed to Excellence! Many of these employees have served in different capacities over the years or within different buildings as the District grew. 

This year, during the month of November, we also join in celebrating American Education Week (November 18-22, 2019) and Educational Support Professionals Day on November 20! 

Please help us say thank you and congratulations to the following employees who have accumulated 25 or more years of consecutive service to the students of the Allentown School District:
43 Years
Nancy, McCluskey, Paraprofessional

42 Years 
Randy Balliet, Maintenience 

40 Years 
Daniel Eagan, Maintenance 
Glenn Morthimer, Maintenance 

38 Years
Margaret Atkinson, Clerical 
Robert Egolf, Clerical 
Sandra Whary, Clerical 

37 Years
Daisy Cartagena, Paraprofessional  
Debra Kiphorn, Food Service 
Michael Landis, Maintenance 
Suzanne Ortiz, Paraprofessional
Keith Schuetz, Maintenance 
Daniel Whittman, Maintenance

36 Years
Linda Holowathy, Paraprofessional
Christina Krobath, Paraprofessional 
Brenda Saylor, Paraprofessional

35 Years 
Suzanne Hoffstetter, Paraprofessional
Myrtle Stoeckel, Paraprofessional
Lisa Stringer, Clerical 

34 Years
Theresa Brown, Paraprofessional
Daniel Fritchman, Maintenance
Gary Kirk, Maintenance
Kevin Roethlein, Maintenance

33 Years
Louie Acevedo, Maintenance
Joan Crone, Paraprofessional
Jane Lilly, Paraprofessional
Michael Litzenberger, Paraprofessional
Joel Maletsky, Maintenance
Jeffery Peifer, Maintenance
Sharon Peters, Clerical 
Marlene Seibert, Paraprofessional
Alan Shook, Maintenance
Lori Vandergrift, Clerical 
Barbara Zotter, Paraprofessional

32 Years
Veronica Cruz, Clerical
Danielle Trevorah, Clerical
John Minnich, Maintenance

31 Years
Luz Diaz, Security  
Diane Gibson, Food Service
Linda Jones, Clerical  

30 Years 
Dawn Fridirici, Clerical 
Susan Hersh, Clerical
Nidia Whiteman, Clerical 
Mariam Ishak, Food Service
Elizabeth Nonnemacher, Food Service 
Debora Page, Food Service 
Rose Phillip, Food Service
Marlene Roeder, Food Service
Norma Rosario, Clerical 
Mary White, Paraprofessional 

29 Years 
Susan Derr, Food Service 
Michael Graver, Maintenance
Patricia Kelman, Food Service 
Michele Martrich, Paraprofessional
Karole Ravier, Food Service 
Lori Reimert, Food Service 
Harry Remaly, Maintenance 

28 Years 
Teresa Belick, Food Service 
Robert Butz, Maintenance 
Lori Cornetto, Paraprofessional 
Susan Marek, Clerical 
Susan Reigle, Paraprofessional 
Diane Scholl, Clerical
Joseph Williams, Maintenance 

27 Years
Darlene Ervin, Paraprofessional 
Barbara Ostapenko, Paraprofessional 
Connie Purcell, Food Service 
Holly Ziegenfus, Clerical 

26 years 
Manuel Acevedo, Maintenance
Penny Cruz, Clerical 
Ill Brobst, Maintenance
Colleen Kelley, Maintenance 
Jammell Rivera, Security 
Veronica Smith, Food Service
25 Years 
Beverly Abel, Paraprofessional 
Richard Correll, Maintenance 
Carmen Cruz, Paraprofessional 
Denise Delarosa, Food Service 
Karen Funk, Food Service 
Diane Hanley, Clerical 
Susan Kelgarth, Clerical 
Patricia Kratzer, Clerical 
Eileen Long, Clerical 
Sue Tatasciore, Clerical 
Elizabeth Zdinak, Clerical 
Maureen Lambert, Paraprofessional 
Wendy McClung, Family Development Specialist
Kathy McNelis, Paraprofessional 
Faith Pizzuto, Food Service