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Allentown School Bus Safety Program


The Allentown School District has launched a school bus safety program in partnership with the Allentown Police Department in line with PA Motor Vehicle Code § 3345.1. 

All school buses in the district are now equipped with safety technology, including stop-arm enforcement cameras designed to detect vehicles that illegally pass stopped school buses. This safety initiative seeks to curb dangerous motorist behavior around school buses and make the journey to and from school safer for all student riders. 

According to the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services (NASDPTS), school buses are unlawfully passed more than 17 million times each school year in the United States. 

Please note - if you receive a violation from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania School Bus Safety Program, please follow the instructions you receive in the mail. ASD does not collect these payments at the administration center. 

To speak to a representative about a safety violation, contact the AlertBus Customer Contact Center at 1-800-852-7741.

School Bus Safety – A Pervasive Issue Across Pennsylvania 

Every day, 1.3 million students are transported by more than 21,000 school buses throughout Pennsylvania. * Reports show that these buses are illegally passed more than two times per bus per day.

A 47-day study of two school buses in the state was conducted in 2019. Cameras recorded 205 illegal stop-arm passes or 2.18 violations per bus per day. This is far higher than the number of citations issued by state law enforcement throughout the entire 180-day school year in 2018.

In 2020, Governor Tom Wolf signed House Bill 364 (now Act 38), allowing school districts to implement violator-funded stop-arm enforcement programs to enforce school bus stopping laws and ensure the safety of Pennsylvania students. 

*School Bus Fleet Fact Book 2020.
**Data collected from pilot programs in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Operation Safe Stop 2021

In 2021, Operation Safe Stop revealed equally alarming results. The one-day study revealed that participating school districts and law enforcement agencies reported 252 violations of the law, up from the 120 reported last year.

The initiative is held in conjunction with local and state police departments, school districts, and pupil transportation providers to conduct enforcement, raise public awareness about the consequences of improper passing of school buses, and reduce occurrences.

Read the official media announcement here:

Learn more about Pennsylvania Operation Safe Stop here.

How the Safety Program Works

The Allentown School Bus Safety Program combines education with enforcement to effectively change motorist behavior over time and create a culture of awareness and responsibility around school buses.

Before the first ticket is even issued, ASD and APD are running an extensive PSA campaign. This campaign will remind motorists of school bus stopping laws and teach children road safety tips for getting on and off the bus.