AllentownSchool District

Social Emotional Wellness

ASD will use a tiered approach to promote student’s feelings of safety and support. Our goal is to develop a safe and supportive environment with a focus on relationships. This will be a critical component in the upcoming school year.

Social & Emotional Learning (Tier 1/ Universal)

All ASD students will be engaged in social emotional learning that is delivered on a weekly basis through lessons and activities provided in the monthly SEL Guide. The guide is level specific and focused on a theme that includes lessons, activities and resources aligned to the 5 social emotional competencies that address social emotional learning, Restorative Practices circle prompts, mindfulness, and bullying prevention. In addition, supplemental videos, read aloud links and school specific initiatives are included. Lessons, activities, and circles will be delivered weekly.

Restorative Practices (Tier 1 - 3 / Universal - High)

Restorative practices will focus on relationships with students through the use of daily check-ins, circles restorative conferences.

School Counselor Support (Tier 1 - 3 / Universal - High)

Student Assistance Program (Tier 1 - 2 / Universal - High)

The Student Assistance Program, SAP, helps to identify students who are experiencing problems beyond academics that pose a barrier to their personal success. The SAP team is composed of trained school staff and community agency liaisons who work together to assist students and families. SAP teams meet regularly to process student referrals, mobilize resources and remove barriers to student learning by aligning and providing necessary support.

SAP services are available for all students. Referrals to SAP may be made by staff, students, or families by contacting the student’s school counselor.

Mental Health (Tier 2 - 3/ Moderate - High)

Students will have access to individual and group mental and behavioral health support including school counselors, school psychologists, behavior interventionists, school based mental health providers and third-party provider coordination.