AllentownSchool District

Welcoming Schools Resolution

On Thursday, March 28, the Allentown School District Board of Directors passed the Welcoming Schools Resolution. The Allentown School District is committed to the provision of equity in education.  Our commitment to excellence is purposefully shaped by the needs of our students, families and community. 

The Welcoming Schools resolution specifically addresses:

1. Consideration for the undocumented and/or non-US citizen student population within the Allentown School District.  

2. Reinforces Allentown School District Policy 200 already in place which states “In compliance with the law, the District shall not inquire about the immigration status of a student as part of the enrollment process.”

3. Reinforces Allentown School District Policy 216 already in place which includes “safeguards to protect the student records when collecting, retaining and disclosing personally identifiable information.” 

4. The Department of Homeland Security “Sensitive Locations Memo” outlines federal policy designed to ensure that these enforcement actions do not occur at nor are focused on sensitive locations such as schools and churches unless 
(a) exigent circumstances exist
(b) other law enforcement actions have led officers to a sensitive location as described in the “Exceptions to the General Rule'' section of the policy memorandum, or 
(c) prior approval is obtained.

Additional Information: 

  • Every child in our community has the right, regardless of undocumented or non-citizen status, to access a free and appropriate public education. Our district has publicly declared that we are a Welcoming Schools community.
  • District policies are communicated to all families and students and attentive to their concerns.
  • Students cannot be barred from enrolling in the Allentown School District because they lack a birth certificate or because they have a foreign birth certificate. 
  • The longstanding policies of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agencies state that enforcement actions which are focused on sensitive locations such as schools, should generally be avoided, and that such actions may only take place with the prior approval of the appropriate supervisor or where exigent circumstances.