AllentownSchool District

Special Education Contacts

Special Education Administration Contact Information

Brian Siket, Executive Director of Special Education
Christine PiripavelDistrict Supervisor of Special Education (High Schools) 
Rashida Larkin, District Supervisor of Special Education (Middle Schools) 
Lauren SantayanaDistrict Supervisor of Special Education (Elementary Schools)
Patti BowerDistrict Supervisor of Special Education (Elementary Schools)


Need assistance after hours?

ASD has launched our special education hotline to support our families in our Virtual Campus!

The hotline will be active Monday - Friday, from 5-7 PM. 

Call 484-765-4280 (press 1 for Spanish)

During regular school hours, families should contact their teacher or special education facilitator directly using the email below.

Facilitator Assignments 

Kerry Murgitroyde - District-Wide Occupational Therapy Facilitator 
Lourdes Sanchez - District-Wide School Psychologist

High Schools 
Jillian Derhammer, Dieruff High School, Secondary Newcomer Academy, CPI Trainer

Kristine Horn, William Allen High School (Learning Support Classrooms, Emotional Support Classrooms), Gain Program

Samantha Piller, Allen, Building 21

Middle Schools 
Karen Baurkot, South Mountain Middle School, Department Data Coordinator 

Sara Gillette, Raub Middle School,Lehigh Parkway, ESY Coordinator 

Robin McDaniel, Trexler Middle School, William Penn

Jennifer SchwartzHarrison Morton Middle School, Elementary Newcomer

Elementary Schools 
Jason Brakeman - Dodd Elementary, Muhlenberg Elementary, Sheridan, PASA Co-Coordinator, New AS Teacher Mentor 

Matthew Bronson, Ramos Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, Jackson Elementary, AS placement coordinator 

Stephanie Greczek, Central Elementary, Roosevelt Elementary, LCTI-CAP/AP, EI Coordinator; CPI Trainer; SAPPHIRE Lead

Dr. Melinda Lucas,Elementary Newcomer, Union Terrace Elementary, Washington Elementary, CPI Trainer; BrainSTEPS Team Member

Lisa Bell - Union Terrace, Sheridan, Washington

Kerry Murgitroyde - Hays Elementary, OT Coordinator

Lauren Wynne
Mosser Elementary, Ritter Elementary, PASA Co-Coordinator; IU-Assistive Technology Representative



Janet Ayacu

Elementary Newcomer- (1 day); District-wide Bilingual evaluations ( 4 days)

Christopher Banas

Roosevelt (3 days); Jackson (2 days)

Lidia Cordero

District-wide Bilingual evaluations (5 days)

Doug Fedor

UT- (3 days); Washington (2 days)

Dr. Seth Finkle

HMMS-( 5 days)

Cindy Ilgenfritz

Dodd- (3 days); Sheridan (2 days)

Beth Larson

Jefferson-( 2/3 days); Allen- (3/2 days)- alternating weeks

Ilsa Loetzbeier

Allen -( 5 days); BrainSTEPS team co-leader

Brady Kutz

Mosser (3 days); Ritter (2 days)

Amanda Montani

Trexler (4/ 5 days); William Penn (1 day bi- weekly)

Jessica Muggleston

Central (3 days); LP( 2 days)

Dr. Lourdes Sanchez

Secondary Newcomer (1 day); Department Chair; BrainSTEPS team leader; Department Committees Coordinator; District Wide Bilingual evaluations ( 4 days)

Stephen Rudzinski

Hays- (5 days)

Anne Smith

Ramos- (3 days)

Ben Snyder

SMMS- (5 days)

Viv Thammavongsa

Raub- (5 days)

Dr. Keith Youse

Dieruff (4/5 days); Building 21-(1 day bi-weekly)



Agency Staff


Dr Raymond Kowalcyk

District-wide Bilingual Evaluations- (5 days)

Dr. Kelly Lawrence

Muhlenberg- (2 days)

Rachel Wise

Private School Evaluations- as assigned