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Allentown School District Expands Healthy Breakfast Options for Students

Allentown School District Expands Healthy Breakfast Options for Students
Posted on 04/12/2023

The Allentown School District (ASD) is excited to announce the expansion of our school breakfast program. An expanded and revised menu of options will be available in all Elementary Schools starting Monday, April 17, 2023. 

Several studies suggest that the implementation of school-wide breakfast programs may help children do better in school by improving attendance, lateness, discipline, and academic performance. Eating a balanced breakfast each morning also has the potential to save our families money and time resulting in overall improved student health, and fewer trips to the nurses office. 

In addition to the traditional breakfast in the cafeteria that all schools already offer, the expanded program offerings now include the following: 

- Grab & Go Bags
- Breakfast delivery into classrooms for every child 
Second Chance Breakfast, for students who are late to school

Many Allentown schools have smaller cafeterias’ which limit the number of students who can receive a meal in the morning before school starts. Expanding these options will give the 8,000 elementary students who may not eat at home or miss morning cafeteria services the chance to obtain a healthy breakfast! 

School administrators are working with Child Nutrition Services Department to customize how they want to serve breakfast to best meet the needs of their student population. Each meal option allows students to take fresh fruit, juice, milk, whole grain items, and/or yogurt.

Plans for expanding Breakfast at our Middle Schools and High Schools are in development and will be implemented before the end of the school year.