AllentownSchool District

Research Requests / IRB Process

The Office of Accountability and Assessment is responsible for the review and approval of all research projects for the Allentown School District. Whether an individual is an employee of the District, a student, or someone not associated with the District in any way; he/she need to go through this process to acquire research approval.

Procedure for Applying

Any agency or individual wishing to obtain District approval must follow the District's Research Request Procedures:

Incomplete Applications will NOT be reviewed.

For questions, call 484-765-4180.

NOTE: The first step in the review process involves an evaluation of all instrumentation, tests, surveys, etc., being proposed. If any part of the instrumentation is rejected, the entire submission will be rejected automatically. Researchers will be required to revise their instrumentation in line with the feedback from the review, and resubmit their materials.

Once the proposal has been approved, no changes in procedure, scope (e.g., timeframe of study approval, number of schools included, number of participants examined) or instrumentation may be made without authorization. Requests for amendments to an approved proposal must be made directly to the Research Review Committee the end date of the original submission. No requests for amendments will be approved if there are any outstanding documents that you have not submitted when requested.

  • Research applicants can download, complete and return the following documents. (If desired, contact Dawn Apgar to receive print versions of the research packet):
    • Research Application: WORD PDF
    • Approval to Conduct Research
    • Proposal Checklist and Evaluation Rubric: WORD PDF
    • Educational Research Request Form: WORD PDF
    • Instrumentation Review Form: WORD PDF
    • Research Checklist for Applicants (use at applicants discretion; do not include in application packet): EXCEL
  • All research request must be mailed or e-mailed to Dawn Apgar (, Office of Accountability and Assessment. Submitted to:
    • Dawn Apgar, Office of Accountability and Assessment, 31 South Penn Street, PO Box 328, Allentown, PA 18105
  • Once the applicant returns their IRB paperwork, the research request is reviewed with the Research Request Committee
  • Administration completes approval or denial form
  • Instrumentation Review Form will either be denied or approved by an Administrator
  • Administrator notifies applicant via approval or denial letter
  • A Research Study Checklist will be created for the applicant
  • A folder with the applicant’s name and year for their research request will be developed and be appropriately filed