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ASD Names 2021-2022 Student Representatives to the Board

ASD Names 2021-2022 Student Representatives to the Board
Posted on 11/01/2021

At a special recognition on October 28, the ASD Board of Directors recognized students from each of ASD’s three high schools who will represent their student body at this year’s board meetings. The list of students were formally approved at the October 21 meeting. 

These students will join fellow ASD board members at regular board meetings, education/finance committee meetings, and on the city’s Human Relations Commission committee meetings. Student representatives are asked to provide updates on positive things taking place in their schools or upcoming events that are important to the school culture and climate. 

ASD’s board members expressed gratitude towards the students who will be sharing their voices with the public. Students who applied for this role were interviewed by administrators and members of the board earlier this month. We are excited to introduce you to this year’s student reps! 

Regular Board Meetings

Gregorio Soto (Dieruff HS) - Gregorio is a senior football player who is actively involved in his school community. In addition to football, he wrestles and is a part of the school Honor Society and National Science Honor Society. In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games and collecting cards. After graduation, he hopes to attend college and study for a career in forensic science. 

Hillary Inga (Dieruff HS - Alternate) - Hilary Inga is a current 10th-grade student and Husky volleyball player. She is a member of multiple clubs including Cooking, student council, Class of 2024, and Key Club. Outside of school she enjoys listening to music and watching TV. Hillary is looking for a career in the STEM field and hopes to eventually go to a college that specializes in science.  

Sally Ma (Allen HS) - Sally is a proud senior at Allen HS. She is involved in many extracurriculars at WAHS including Key Club, National Honor Society, Finance Club, Volunteers in Motion, Best Buddies, 4H, SGA, Canaries for Life, and Student Council. Sally is also an active volunteer in the community and has volunteered with the Allentown Young Professionals, Lehigh County Agricultural Society, Iron Pigs Concessions, and serves as the project manager for the Mochudl Resources Center for the Blind. After graduation, she plans to attend Lehigh University with a major in industrial and systems engineering and a minor in finance. 

Jamir Chatman (Allen HS) - Jamir Chatman is a current sophomore at WAHS. He enjoys sports such as volleyball, basketball, and running track. Other hobbies include cooking and learning. He is considering joining the Gardening and Chess Clubs this year. After college, his primary goal is to continue with his basketball career at a high level in order to go pro. He is also interested in business and entrepreneurship and the many opportunities that could open for him. 

Madison Walker (Building 21) - A senior at Building 21, Madison enjoys video games, reading, poetry, and swimming. Outside of school, she is actively involved with Project Silk. After graduation, Madison plans on attending Lehigh Carbon Community College before transferring to an in-state school. 

Roselys Borrero (Building 21 - Alternate) - Roselys is a current junior at Building 21 who enjoys basketball and reading. She is looking to start the school’s first anti-bullying club this year, and volunteers for 21st Century. After graduation, she plans to pursue education at a 4-year college and eventually become either an English teacher or school counselor at B21. 

Education / Finance Committee of the Whole Meetings 

Peter Ramirez (Dieruff HS) -  DHS Senior Peter Ramirez is passionate about photography, videography, and writing and is currently a member of the National Honor Society. In the future, he would like to go to college for TV/Film and become a writer or director. Peter is excited to share his Husky Pride as a board representative. 

Michael Dwornicki Dieruff HS - (Alternate) - Michael is a junior at DHS who is involved in many clubs and activities. He is a member of the swim team but is also involved in the National Honor Society, Student Council, Class of 2023, and Key Club. Michael enjoys the volunteer work done through Key Club which includes food and clothing drives and cleanups at local parks. After graduation, he is considering Lehigh University or a college that will allow him to study biology. 

Deyona Robert (Allen HS) - WAHS senior will be the alternate for the Education/Finance / Committee of the Whole Meetings. Deyona is the founder and treasurer of the Allen Finance Club, manager for the girl’s volleyball team, and member National Honor Society and Student Government. Outside of school Deyona volunteers with St. Luke’s, Resurrected Children’s Academy, and the Allentown Fair. After graduation, Deyona is looking to study business at NYU and work towards a career on Wall Street.  

Finley Santana (Allen HS - Alternate) - A senior student at WAHS, Finley is involved in GSA, Empower Allen (Voter Registration), and Upward Bound. Outside of school, they work for Phoebe Allentown. Finley hopes to attend a 4-year college such as Cedar Crest College, to earn a BA in political science or consider a legal career. They are also interested in possibly joining the air force JAG program. 

Yulianis Sanchez Lugo (Building 21) - Yulianis is excited to represent Building 21 as a student representative to the board. A current junior, she enjoys reading and painting. Upon graduation from B21, Yulianis wants to study zoology and animal science and plans to specialize in wildlife rehabilitation. 

Nicole Merly (Building 21 - Alternate) - Building 21 Junior Nicole Merly enjoys creative activities such as photography, writing, drawing and singing. After graduation, she plans to attend a 4-year college to study the arts. She is excited to keep her carer opportunities open and explore different artistic pathways. 

Human Relations Commission (Co-Representatives) 

Christopher Lebron (Dieruff HS) -  Sophomore basketball player Christopher Lebron is excited to join the Human Relations Commission. Outside of DHS, Christopher enjoys relaxing by watching Netflix and playing video games. After graduation, he is considering a degree in business or getting into the local real estate market. 

Nasheera Brown (Dieruff HS) - DHS Senior Nasheera Brown will serve as the co-representative for the Human Relations Commission. She is actively involved in her school community as a member of the STEM Club, Black Scholar Society, Multicultural Club & National Arts Society.  

She volunteers with the Coalition of Juvenile Justice, Community Bike Works and the Emerging Leaders Coalition. After graduation she plans to attend Howard University to study history and eventually attend Howard Law. Nasheera intends on becoming a criminal court lawyer, and has her sights set on becoming the District Attorney in Allentown. 

Lindsay Ghattas (Allen HS) - Lindsey is a current senior at WAHS and is excited to represent Canary nation as a student rep to the board. At school, she is a member of Key Club and plans to join Student Government and GSA this year. LInday volunteers with a non-profit organization called Equialibruim Inc. Her post-graduate plans include starting at LCCC for general classes and then transferring to a different school to study environmental or political science or considering a degree in the medical field. 

Shane Reznick (Allen HS) - WAHS junior Shane Reznick is a member of NJROTC, Scholastic Scrimmage, and Upward Bound. Outside of school, he volunteers at the Shepherd Shelf Pantry & Soup Kitchen and at Civic Center events. He enjoys writing, music, traveling, and WWII reenactments. After high school, Shane intends to continue with ROTC and commission into the military as an officer. He hopes to study history and nuclear physics while in college. 

Daniel Oden (Building 21) - Senior Daniel Oden will represent Building 21 on the Human Relations Commission. He is an active student who enjoys different sports and also babysitting / playing with his younger brothers. Daniel plans to attend Kutztown or Penn State and would like to explore a career in law school or graphic design. 

Breonna Allah (Building 21 - Alternate)  - Breonna is a sophomore at Building 21 who is involved in 21st Century and Ethics Bowl. In her free time, she enjoys watching and playing sports such as basketball and boxing. After graduation, she would eventually like to attend college and study criminal justice and work towards a career as a lawyer or detective. 
Student Board Reps