AllentownSchool District

Health and Safety Purchases (PPE)

Based on the recommendations from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) ASD has made the following purchase to ensure we are able to follow health & safety protocols when schools open in the fall. As our supplies are distributed to our buildings, we continue to monitor and replenish based on our student & staff needs. The trigger for reordering PPE supplies when the item is depleted to 1/4 of its current inventory.
Over the coming weeks, ASD will conduct site visits to assess building readiness and determine how different health and safety protocols will be implemented at the building level which include: 

  • Plexiglass Dividers – will be installed in the main office, security areas, and health rooms to create a barrier between our staff and the public
  • 20,000 Machine Washable Masks – during the year, these masks can be collected, disinfected and returned to staff/students in a self-contained sealed bag
  • Hand Sanitizer – will be available in offices and in classrooms where frequent hand washing is not an option. 
  • Backpack Disinfectant Sprayers – for custodial use after school hours, will allow our staff to clean and disinfect large areas quickly 
  • 3M5H Quat Disinfectant - High-grade disinfectant that will be used on high touch hard surfaces in all buildings, CDC recommended and EPA approved
  • COVID-19 Signage – will be placed in building entrance and other highly visible areas to provide staff and students with hygiene guidance for handwashing and social distancing
  • Thermometers  – no-touch thermometers will give our staff the ability to check student temperatures at any time 
  • Face Shields – designated for teachers and other staff (health room staff, 1 on 1 aides, food service, etc) 
  • Disposable Gloves and Wipes – for use by adults during routine cleaning and disinfection
  • Recommended Foaming Hand Soap - will be used by all staff/students during hand washing breaks 
  • Disposable Medical Gowns - for use in the health rooms for health services staff who may be treating symptomatic students

All schools will have a dedicated isolation/separation room identified for staff or students who exhibit symptoms of COVID019. 

Prior to returning to the building, ALL staff will receive professional development and training on recommended health and safety protocols. 

Health and Safety