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Dental Health

28 PA Code (regulations) 23.3(a)* states "Dental examinations shall be required on original entry into school and in grades three and seven." 

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Did you know that oral health is a key part of a child’s overall health and wellbeing? Having good oral care and regular dental check-ups at each stage of development is essential to maintaining children’s total health.    

Here are some ways to help keep your child’s pearly whites bright and shiny….

Primary (baby) teeth are an important part of children’s growth and development. Healthy baby teeth are necessary for eating, speaking, and appearance. Most importantly baby teeth are a guide for permanent teeth. Children are more prone to cavities because baby teeth tend to be less hard than permanent teeth. Keeping baby teeth until permanent teeth come in serves to reduce the chance of developing gum disease and/or needing braces.  

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends a child’s first check-up occur by age 1. Regular check-ups should follow every 6 months and a first cleaning should take place around age 2. Tooth brushing should be done twice a day. Try United Concordia’s ChomperChums App! It helps keep your child engaged in brushing and makes it a fun activity. 

Regular dental check-ups for children not only serve to check for cavities, but are important in overall health. During a check-up, the dentist evaluates the gums and tissues to look for possible oral signs of whole-body issues such as diet or vitamin deficiencies, diabetes, or acid reflux. Your dentist will also examine oral habits such as mouth-breathing and thumb sucking. 

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