AllentownSchool District

Central Administration

The Allentown School District Central Administration office consists of a number of educational leaders and business professionals who oversee the administrative functions of the district. 

Below is a directory of personnel who lead respective departments. More information on services provided can be found under Departments

Schools looking to download a copy of this document for printable purposes can email [email protected]

Andrene Brown-Nowell

Audrey Mathison
Vice President

LaTarsha Brown Jennifer Lynn Ortiz
Lisa Conover Daysell Ramirez
Phoebe D. Harris  Zaleeae Sierra
Ana Tiburcio
Ronald Simonson
Board Secretary
 Jeffrey T. Sultanik

Josephine Cacace


Dr. Carol D. Birks

Jennifer Ramos
Chief of Schools, Deputy Superintendent 

Dr. Malika Savoy
Chief Academic Officer, Deputy Superintendent 

Dr. Shuanta Broadway McDaniel
Chief of Performance Management, Equity & Accountability

Dr. Robin T. Harris
Chief Outreach Officer for Family and Community Engagement

Chief Financial Officer 

Chief of Talent Management and Labor Relations

Dr. Michael Q. Roth
Deputy Superintendent, Special Projects
Jennifer Bryant
Executive Director of Instructional Leadership

Brian Siket
Executive Director of Special Education

Melissa Smith
Executive Director of Learning & Teaching

Deborah Accurso
Director of College and Career Readiness

Josephine Cacace
Director of Finance

Gina Giarratana
Director of Child Nutrition Services

Beth Hildebrant
Director of Procurement

Andrew Krahulik-Knapp
Director of Transportation

Dr. Lourdes Sanchez
Director of Student Services

Ryan Yurchick
Director of Arts and Wellness
Tiffany Polek
Executive Director of Instructional Leadership

William Seng
Acting Executive Director of Human Resources

Thomas C. Smith 
Executive Director of Facilities 

Dr. Kurt Berbaum
Director of Accountability, Assessment & Records 

Dr. Robert Dilliplane
Director of Virtual Learning

Lisa Greitzer
Director of Newcomer Academies

Kyle Kauffman
Director of STEM

Brandon Pasquale
Director of Safety & Security

Audie Torres
Director of School Choice and Enrollment