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Allentown’s Board of Directors Adopts Resolution in Support of Developing an Anti-racist School Climate in ASD

Allentown’s Board of Directors Adopts Resolution in Support of Developing an Anti-racist School Climate in ASD
Posted on 06/25/2020

Allentown, PA (June 25, 2020) - During the June 25, 2020, regular board meeting, the Allentown School District Board of Directors adopted a resolution that pledged support in developing an anti-racist school climate within ASD.

The full resolution can be found here.
(Signed June 25, 2020)

Under the leadership of the Allentown School Board of Directors, the District has consistently been represented on the Pennsylvania School Board Associations Equity Task Force.  It is within this forum that this governance body has continued to develop and expand the District’s commitment to equity.  As one of the first Districts in the Commonwealth to adopt a comprehensive Equity policy, adopting a resolution that specifically targets anti-racism, is a natural and timely next step.

Passing this resolution as a board further commits us to standing against racism in our buildings and provides action steps that we as a board can monitor to make sure we truly provide an anti-racist school climate in the Allentown School District,” said ASD Board President, Sara-Jane Brace.


Rooted in our commitment to equity, this resolution reinforces our districts mission, vision and core values. The first goal area outlined in ASD’s Strategic Framework focuses on creating a culture where students feel safe, valued, and nurtured. Nothing speaks more to this commitment than a firm stance on recognizing and addressing the systemin inequities that exist within our school community.

We are a district proud of our diversity and the rich cultural backgrounds of our students, families and community. These diverse voices are powerful and imperative to consider when making policy and creating positive change within our schools.

The Allentown School District Board and Superintendent Thomas Parker have both previously made public statements addressing current injustices and challenges our country faces when it comes to race.  The resolution is a way to ensure that ASD takes immediate action that will create an anti-racist school climate where our students can thrive.