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#CelebrateASD 2018-2019

#CelebrateASD 2018-2019
Posted on 04/01/2019
Each week the Allentown School District will profile one student, teacher or family that represents the diversity within our District and city. Through a partnership with the United Way and Upside Allentown, a professional photographer was able to capture stunning images that portray various representatives of our District in their schools.

The project aimed to capture individuals who are committed to excellence in the Allentown School District. Schools were asked to identify those in their buildings who take action to promote the best the Allentown School District has to offer and inspire others in and outside of their school building. 

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Week 24: April 29. 2019
Name: Tania Brannon
  Roosevelt Elementary School 
Quote: "My adult life has been working within the district – it’s my passion and not just a career or a job. I’m able to make that impact – I was who these kids are. My mother was an immigrant and I experienced transiency when I was a student within the district – my connection to students is authentic because of this. I think that some days are harder than others. We have our qualities of leadership and that leads to understanding what my ultimate purpose is here. I think of that. What can I do for them – not physically or just simply solving their problems – how can I help them be inspired to see the difference they can make?" 

Week 23: April 15, 2019
Name: Alice Obando Salinas, Gire Obando Torres, Nazhalia Aguila, Bianca Aguila 
  Dieruff High School 
Quote: "Each day I strive to become a better person, to never settle for what's average, and to do what's best, not only for you but sometimes for others. Staying committed means to not give up, and I live my life by the quote "Be the type of energy that no matter where you go, you always add value to the spaces and the lives around you!" - Alice Obando Salinas

Week 22: April 8, 2019

Name: Taylor Nigrelli 
  Cleveland Elementary School
Quote: "The best part of my day is that aha! moment with a student, when a student gets a new concept they might have been struggling with. Seeing their pride and confidence grow in mastering various skills is a priceless moment. Even better is when it’s students working together, teaching each other, and celebrating differences."

Week 21: April 1, 2019


Name: Samadhi Rios
  Trexler Middle School
Quote: "Samadhi has great leadership skills, a lot of her peers look up to her because she is always willing to help. She has shown so much growth during her time at Trexler commitment to better her behavior is admirable. She has worked really hard this school year and I believe she is committed to excellence in our schools and in our city."

Week 20: March 25, 2019

Name: Jasmine Beck
  Cleveland Elementary 
Quote: "Jasmine is the perfect example of a student leader at her school who works hard to be a good role model for others in the building. She is a member of School Safety and takes part in multiple after school activities. She is focused on her studies and commits every day to academic excellence." 

Week 19: March 18, 2019 
Roman Family
Name: The Roman Family 
  Roosevelt Elementary 
Quote: "We are always family oriented and believe in supporting each other for success. To us, this means engaging in our school and community to promote positive change as well."

Week 18: March 11, 2019
Name: Akwal Madok
  Student, Raub Middle School
Quote: "Akwal is an active participant in all opportunities that enhance her educational experiences at Ruab. She is a member of both volleyball and basketball. She takes accelerated courses, is a member of the national honor society. She always has a smile on her face and strives for excellence in everything she does."

Week 17: March 4, 2019

Name: Michael Makhoul
  Assistant Principal, Louis E. Dieruff High School
Quote: "To lead is to serve.  My job is to be a champion for students first and foremost.  That is, the responsibility to serve, support, and lead the organization and its people in a direction that provides equitable opportunities and outcomes for our kids.  By doing what’s best for students, day in and day out, we are also serving our community at large.  This is mission work and a labor of love.”

Week 16: February 25, 2019
Genesis Lopez-Morel
South Mountain Middle School
Quote: "
Her initiative and drive for being an active participant at South Mountain shows how she is committed to excellence at ASD. Genesis is involved in many after-school activities at SMMS (including step team!) and volunteers in the Communities in Schools office." 

Week 15: February 11, 2019
Pedro Tosado
School: Cleveland Elementary School
Quote: "Pedro Tosado is a Central Elementary icon who doesn’t hesitate to visit homes and reach out to families to support them, both educationally and otherwise. He genuinely cares about students which is evident in his compassionate approach to teaching. He believes every student can succeed and expects them to give their best effort."

Week 14: February 4, 2019
Name: The Rhodes Family  
School: Cleveland Elementary School
Quote: "The Rhodes family is always in attendance for family engagement events at Cleveland. Mr. Rhodes is a dedicated volunteer of Cleveland Elementary School. He goes above and beyond to help out at the school, including dressing up as our mascot and volunteering every day of our Summer Camp. Mrs. Rhodes is also a dedicated volunteer. She organized a large book donation this past summer through her workplace, and because of her efforts, we collected hundreds of new books! Both of their children, Alexis and Christopher, and very involved in our after-school and summer programming."

eek 13: January 28, 2019

Name: Juan Enriquez 
School: Teacher, South Mountain Middle School 
Quote: "At SMMS, Mr. Enriquez represents someone who truly cares for the students. He takes on multiple roles within the school to be involved, not just with students, but their families as well as other staff members.” - Joanne Garcia, SMMS Communities in Schools Coordinator

Week 12: January 14, 2019
Name: Iris Jarjous
Teacher, Cleveland Elementary School 
 "Each day, I am committed to making sure that regardless of what kind of day I'm having or had -- at school, or at home, or in life -- I promise my students that I will never come to work without a smile for my kids. I want them to know that even when life gets tough or knocks you down, you get back up, put your best foot forward and just smile. I want them to know that there isn't a fall or defeat you can't get back up from!" 

Week 11: January 7, 2019
Name: Jacob Cordero
Student, Central Elementary School 
"Jacob transferred to Central mid-year, but wasted no time in getting involved. A leader in his classroom, he sought out opportunities to serve by volunteering with the Backpack Buddy program. Jacob was also a stand-out basketball player, representing Central Eagles basketball during their run for the elementary championship."  - Christa Held, Community School Coordinator, Central Elementary 

Week 10: December 17, 2018
Name: Elizabeth Morales
School: District Supervisor of Special Education (Secondary)
Quote: "Allentown is home for me - I grew up in ASD and went to HMMS and graduated from Dieruff High School. I love coming home and feeling as if I make a difference in the community that I grew up in. Working in special education allows me to make a difference in the lives of students and their families who need it the most."  

Week 9: December 10, 2018
Name: Bobby Snyder
School: Teacher, Roosevelt Elementary School; Acting Assistant Principal Mosser Elementary School 
Quote: "In ASD, being committed to excellence is being committed to Allentown. Our expectations as educators need to stay high - this way we aren't short-changing our students. Every individual has an opportunity to learn and be successful and it's our job as educators to facilitate that process."

Week 8: December 3, 2018
Name: Ambar Rosario
School: Student, South Mountain Middle School (Now Dieruff High School) 
Quote: "To me, being committed to excellence means to always put effort into everything I do. It means to participate and be involved in our community and to show others that anything is possible." 

Week 7: November 19, 2018
Colleen Scharf and Leida Rosario
School: Teachers, Jackson Early Childhood Center
Quote: "Kelly Stoops was a former ASD teacher who suddenly passed away in 2014 but continues to serve as an inspiration for us and many other teachers in our building. Kelly was the first to volunteer to help students in Allentown who were in need, and her memory lives on through the impact we hope to make on our students each day. In her honor, the Jackson ECC even named our clothing closet in the school for students, after Kelly.”

Week 6: November 12, 2018

Name: Lauren Rosado
School: Teacher, Cleveland Elementary 
Quote: "It’s important to recognize that all of our kids can be excellent in multiple ways and it’s my job to provide them with the opportunities to do so. I’ve made it a point to make sure my kids know that I care about them and help them to be successful in their own ways."

Week 5: November 5, 2018

Name: Maria Surita 
School: School Parent Liason, Ruab Middle School, McKinley, Union Terrace, and Central Elementary Schools 
Quote: "Being committed to excellence means having a good relationship - with both families and the larger Allentown community. I know who I am going to impact, so that is something that I think at the beginning of my day that I am grateful that I have a new day to start, impact and reach out to others."

Week 4: October 29, 2018


Name: Sandra Ramirez
School: Student, Trexler Middle School, William Allen High School
Quote: "People in my school always tell me that I’m different than other kids – in a good way. I think it’s because I put my mind to other activities, instead of the everyday drama of school. It’s important to me to have my mind focused on more important things, such as after-school activities and my goals." 

Week 3: October 22, 2018

Name: Judy Patterson
School: Health Room Assistant, Raub Middle School 
Quote: "I look at it as being a mother to 904 students. In Allentown, you have to do a lot of active listening and student conferencing, just to get them to realize, this is important, and what you’re setting up here is the groundwork for the rest of your life."

Week 2: October 15, 2018

Name: Caesar Medina
School: Student, Central Elementary
Quote: “My teacher once said to me that if there was like, a thousand Caesars at Central Elementary it would be amazing."

Week 1: October 8, 2018

Dawn Ackerman
School: Teacher, Jefferson Elementary
Quote: “The one thing I believe about teaching is that it’s a service industry. If I’m not doing this 110%, then I don’t need to be here for the kids.”