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Allentown School District Creates Office of Equity and Accountability

Allentown School District Creates Office of Equity and Accountability
Posted on 06/28/2018

Allentown, PA (June 28, 2018) - As the 2017-2018 school year comes to end, the Allentown School District (ASD) continues to make strides in providing a high-quality learning environment for its students.  To that end, Superintendent Thomas E. Parker extends a heartfelt thank you to Senator Browne, Representatives Schlossberg and Schweyer as well as Secretary of Education Pedro Rivera.   It was their collective support which provided the and community of Allentown School District with a significant aid package of 10 million dollars.  This will allow the Board of Directors to vote on a balanced budget this evening. With the District in a viable fiscal position, critical work can continue to truly advance the mission and vision of the Allentown School Board of Directors.

In January of 2017, the School Board of Directors adopted the District’s first Equity Policy. To further support the implementation and prioritization of that policy, the Allentown School District is creating the office of Equity and Accountability.  This decision will prioritize equity and accountability as cornerstones for how we meet the needs of our students.

Additionally, the Pennsylvania Department of Education provided a substantial amount of grant funding that allows the District to invest in critical needs that are a part of our Strategic Framework: 

  • Customer service platform to improve District responsiveness to families and the community.
  • Sapphire University will support increased capacity building in data usage across the district
  • District-wide Early Warning Indicator system to support early intervention for all students.
  • 12 Chromebooks in every elementary classroom in the Allentown School District
  • Success mentors to address chronic absenteeism

The district is also creating the Office of Family and Community Engagement based on feedback heard during a series of community meetings held over the course of six months as the District developed the Strategic Framework.  

This summer the district will open our Parent Engagement Center in the district office to build stronger relationships with our parents and community.

ASD School Board of Directors President, Mr. Charles Thiel highlights the importance of the emphasis on equity and accountability.  He states, “The Allentown School District exists to create growth opportunities in educating Allentown students. The intentionality in creating an Office of Equity and Accountability provides the necessary structure, people, and processes to ensure that we are able to hold ourselves accountable in fulfilling our mission for our students and community.”