AllentownSchool District


Attendance and Related Services

ASD staff, parents/guardians and students share the responsibility for ensuring consistent school attendance to promote participation in the learning process in a positive school environment.

  • Compulsory School Attendance Enforcement
  • Home/School/Community Support Services
  • Homeless Students Services
  • Temporary Medical Excusal
  • Home Schooling Coordination
  • Employment Certificates

Our Services
Home and School Visitors/Attendance Officers provide connections among school, home, and community; investigate school absence and enforce compulsory attendance; and promote and support student’s well being. School/Community Aides assist Home and School Visitors and perform other activities related to attendance. The Homeless Students Initiative ensures that homeless youth have access to an uninterrupted education program, and facilitates access to school and community supports. Temporary medical excuse is provided for students confined to home due to serious illness, injury or for psychiatric reasons. Home Schooling is coordinated by the District according to Pennsylvania School Code to allow parents to teach their children at home. Employment Certificates (working papers) are issued for persons under the age of 18 as required by law, and to promote a safe and healthy employment experience.

For Your Information

• Read the ASD Student & Family Handbook to understand what is required of you when your child is absent from school.

FAQ Document

• Don’t be quick to call in sick. Good school attendance today fosters good work attendance in the future
Too Sick for School document

Temporary Medical Excuse (TME)

TME occurs when a student has a temporary mental or physical illness,

requiring confinement to home or to a healthcare facility, or is a female student postpartum.

The student with approved TME may be provided academic support with one-on-one tutoring for a limited time.

The TME form needs to be completed by the student’s doctor, signed by a parent/guardian and then returned to the school nurse. The form can be accessed via the following link:

Once this form is completed, an ASD home and school visitor will arrange a visit to the home.