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Commitment to Safe Learning Environments

The Allentown School District is committed to providing safe learning environments in which all students have equal access to our education programs and resources. In addition to our Non-Discrimination Policy the district has adopted specific policies to prevent occurrences that can distract students from learning. Our Anti-Harassment Policy (Policy #248), including sexual harassment, and our Anti-Bullying Policy (Policy #249) describe the district’s position on these serious topics and outline specific procedures for reporting incidents. NOTE: All Board Policies can be viewed on the District's BoardDocs website. To view policies, click here then click the "Policies" tab.

The video segment below describes school districts' responsibilities for protecting individuals' rights, especially with regard to anti-bullying and anti-harassment efforts. In the case of sexual harassment, a Reporting Form has been developed to ensure that incidents can be investigated promptly and thoroughly – click here for the form (ENGLISH)(SPANISH). If your child is involved in a sexual harassment incident, please report the information to your child’s School Equity Coordinator (Principal), the Director of Operations (Dr. Robert Robinson), ASD Central Administration Building, 31 S. Penn Street, PO Box 238, Allentown, PA 18105), or the Superintendent or Superintendent’s designee.

Please take time to review these policies and the other student-related Policies on BoardDocs.

For video click:

Bullying, Harassment & Civil Rights Video Link

Bullying Prevention

Safe Schools

Allentown School District fosters a climate for learning through a safe, drug-free and supportive environment for students and staff.

Allentown School District’s programs target prevention, intervention, alternative education and school safety. Staff training, extensive community involvement and partnerships with local law enforcement, prevention services and treatment agencies support these initiatives. District prevention services include prevention curricula for violence, bullying, drug and alcohol abuse, conflict resolution and gang resistance education. Intervention services are provided by school counselors, school psychologists, school nurses, student assistance teams and special education, and are supported by crisis prevention training, staff gang awareness training, threat assessment procedures and alternative education support. School safety is supported by school safety committees, school resource officers, school security officers, behavior management specialists and school-based probation officers. School safety audits are periodically conducted to assess safety security needs. Security equipment is utilized at all school locations. Board approved policy and procedures related to visitors’ access to students or students’ records, bullying and victimization, sexual harassment, child/student abuse, threat assessment, weapons, gangs and critical incident response offer direction and consistency.

Our Programs

  • Prevention Curriculum
  • School Safety Policy and Procedures
  • Student Assistance Teams
  • Bullying Prevention
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Alternative Schools
  • School-Based Community Services
  • School Resource & Security Officers
  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Community Advisory Council

For more information, contact:

  • The School Counselor
  • Allentown Police Department 610-437-7741
  • Lehigh County Crisis Intervention 610-782-3127
  • Lehigh Valley Drug & Alcohol Intake Unit 610-432-2228
  • Crime Victims Council Hotline 610-437-6611