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ASD to Host In School SAT Testing Day for All 11th Grade Students

ASD to Host In School SAT Testing Day for All 11th Grade Students
Posted on 03/14/2022

ASD is excited to host an IN SCHOOL SAT TESTING DAY on Wednesday, March 23. ALL 11th grade students will take the SAT for free, during the school day. 

To accommodate this great opportunity, the following schedule changes will be made at Allen, Dieruff and Building 21 next week: 

Grade 11 Students 

- All 11th Grade students will report to school by 8 AM and go directly to their assigned location 
The SAT Testing Window will take place from 8:10 AM - 12:10 PM. 
All student taking the SAT’s will go to lunch between 12:20 – 12:50 PM
LCTI & LCCC Early College Students: 11th Grade students who normally attend LCTI or LCCC for Early College should report to their home school to take the SAT. 

Grades 9, 10 and 12

- Wednesday March 23 will be an Asynchronous Virtual Flex Day. Students are expected to log in for attendance and to check for assignments. 

- Grab & Go Meals will be available for students in Grades 9, 10 & 12. 
LCTI Students: Full-day LCTI and AM LCTI students who are not testing will report at their usual time. PM students will also report as usual for transportation.
- L
CCC Early College Students who are not testing will attend class as normal. 

Special Education

- Students in Low-Incidence Special Education classes who receive transportation will report at their usual time. 
Lunches will be supplied for students that are in the building

Secondary Newcomer

- 11th grade Students at Secondary Newcomer (L1 and L2) will opt in for the assessment based on their language ability. Testing will take place at the home school.
Secondary Newcomer will remain open for all students that are not testing. Transportation will take place as usual. 

Parents, it is incredibly important that our Grade 11 students take advantage of this opportunity. Please make sure your child comes to school next Wednesday! 

ASD recently outlined new graduation requirements based on the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s guidance. While there are now a number of pathways to graduation that students can choose, taking the SAT may fulfill a graduation requirement for the class of 2023. Encourage your child to speak with their guidance counselor to learn more about different pathways to graduation!