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Curriculum Audit Findings

In March 2018, the Allentown School District Board of Directors approved an agreement between the District and Curriculum Management Solutions, inc (CMSi) to perform a complete audit of ASD’s curriculum.  On Thursday, December 6, 2018, the Allentown School District presented the findings during the monthly Education Committee Meeting. 

The purpose of the audit was to evaluate the processes, programs and services that exist within the Allentown School District and to determine if the District is experiencing success in delivering a quality instructional program aimed at improving student outcomes and achievement for all subgroups. CMSi evaluated the District in five standard areas. We invite members of the community to review the findings and recommendations in the following areas:  
Standards Image


Documents that were presented at the December 6, 2018 Board Meeting are now available for public download including: 
• Presentation: A Curriculum Audit of the Allentown School District 
   (Executive Summary) presented by Dr. Zollie Stevenson Jr., Lead Auditor
• Presentation: Allentown School District Response to Curriculum Audit Findings
Final Report: Findings and Recommendations