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Allentown School District School Bus Camera Pilot Program Launches October 15

Allentown School District School Bus Camera Pilot Program Launches October 15
Posted on 10/15/2019
Beginning October 15, the Allentown School District will officially launch the school bus stop arm camera pilot program. 

ASD is excited to announce a partnership with BusPatrol America LLC.  This pilot program supports the district’s strategic framework goal of increasing partnerships that support an environment where students feel safe and valued.    The Pilot Program Agreement with BusPatrol America LLC will permit BusPatrol’s stop arm enforcement technology to be installed on two busses in the First Student fleet, used by ASD students.   This pilot officially began on October 15, 2019.

“While primarily a walking district, ASD is responsible for transporting our students with special needs, those who attend charter and non-public schools, and LCTI & LCCC Early College students,” said Thomas Parker, Superintendent of the Allentown School District. “Last year that amounted to 5,560 students on 141 First Student vehicles. The safety and security of all students getting to and from school is an absolute priority in our district and we are excited to pilot this program.”  

The installation of equipment by BusPatrol will include GPS, exterior cameras, an onboard computer, and a digital video recording system.  This technology is designed to capture motor vehicles illegally passing a school bus.  At the conclusion of the pilot, BusPatrol will provide the district a detailed report that includes information on the total number of violations observed as well as the location and frequency of violations.  

Act 159 (Senate Bill 1098) was sponsored by Senator Pat Browne and signed into law in 2018. The Act provided for the placement of stop arm cameras to be placed on School Busses. The bill was drafted after the issue was brought to the attention of Sen. Browne and Rep. Schlossberg by Allentown constituent Amber Clark. The Allentown School District commends Senator Browne and Representative Schlossberg, who authored companion legislation in the House of Representatives, for all their efforts in supporting the safety of Allentown students.  

“Act 159 of 2018 was intended to provide another tool for law enforcement to better enforce a very important law designed to ensure the safety of students as they travel to and from school,” Sen. Browne said. “I commend BusPatrol for seizing the initiative and selecting the Allentown School District as the first district to receive these cameras as a part of its pilot program.”

“Students and parents have a right to feel safe getting on and off a school bus.  I am so glad Allentown was chosen as a test pilot because it will show Pennsylvania how we can do this right," said Representative Mike Schlossberg. "It is also fitting because this idea originated in Allentown where a mom saw a problem, get involved and helped to change state law.  I am grateful to Amber Clark, Senator Browne and the Allentown School District for making this possible.”