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Allentown School District Hosts School Safety Forum

Allentown School District Hosts School Safety Forum
Posted on 03/02/2018
Students, Staff and Community members participatedOn Wednesday, February 21,  the Allentown School District held a community forum to discuss school safety in light of recent tragic events in Parkland, FL. 

Students, staff and community members were invited to collectively share thoughts and ideas on how we as a district can ensure the physical and emotional safety of our ASD students K-12.  Attendees came prepared to discuss collective solutions for improving safety in our schools and community.   

Attendees were split into eight groups to voice their concerns and share solutions on the topic of school safety; guided by a set of questions, which included: 
  • What are your safety concerns at your child’s school?
  • What are the strengths of safety at your local school?
  • Many of the school violence concerns have been linked to mental health concerns.  How do you think schools and communities can partner to address those issues?
  • How do we partner to advocate at the state/national level for support that can reduce school violence?
  • What are some additional steps that Allentown School District can take to increase safety for our children?

As we evaluate district-level policies and procedures in place to keep our students safe, parents, students, staff and the community are encouraged to support the Allentown School District's safety and security efforts. You can help by reporting suspicious activities concerning social media posts and/or conversations to principals, District Administration and the Allentown Police Department.

It is important that we share the collected feedback with our community. We have compiled the most common and most unique feedback in the below presentation and infographic.

School Safety FOrum