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#ScienceFest 2018 Award Winners

#ScienceFest 2018 Award Winners
Posted on 06/01/2018
2018 5th Annual ASD Science Fair Award Winners

Each year, the Allentown School District takes two days bring STEM education to life. This year, #ScienceFest kicked off on May 31, 2018 with a panel of 40 judges and STEM professionals who spent hours reviewing and deliberating. During the school day Thursday, over 1,300 elementary students visit William Allen High School to view projects and learn about different STEM concepts. #ScienceFest continued Thursday evening with a community event for families, including visits from partners such as ArtsQuest, Da Vinci Science Center, The Nurture Nature Center, Lehigh Valley Zoo and Allentown Art Museum. The culminating award ceremony honored top students at each grade level whose projects explored topics such as aerospace engineering, astronomy, chemistry, and computer science! See below for a list of winners: 

High School Division:
1st Place: DHS Alondra Rosario “Levels of Bisphenol-A”
2nd Place: WAHS Arianna Watkins “The Invisible Aircraft”
3rd Place (tie):
DHS Kyla Forbes “The Effect of Gender on Stress in Teenagers”
WAHS Grace Edinger “Keeping Bacteria at Bay”

Middle School Division:
6th Grade
1st Place: Trexler Benjamin Moretz “What Stains More?”
2nd Place: HMMS Matthew Neumann “Mowing with Vapor”
3rd Place (tie):
HMMS Annthonette Cuellar “Solid Lotion”
HMMS Bahaa Hanna “Electric Motor”

7th grade (Experimental)
1st Place: HMMS Vanessa Ferriolo “Rusting Out”
2nd Place: Trexler Meghan Edinger “Friction on a Speeding Slope”
3rd Place: Trexler Julia Eschner “What is the Best way to remove water stains from Fabric?”

7th grade (Engineering and Computer Science)
1st Place (tie):
SMMS Sally Ma “The Deletion and Recovery of a File”
Trexler Maria Gabriela Terrones Mesias “Parachute Drop”
2nd place: HMMS Elizabeth Sierra Garabito “Linear Accelerator”
3rd Place: SMMS Alain-Kyle Alfonso “What is the fastest way to connect to the router for internet

8th grade (Experimental)
1st Place (tie):
Trexler Madeline Fink “The Affect of Flour on Cookie Density”
SMMS Ambar Rosario “The Effect of Carbon Dioxide on Our Atomsphere
2nd Place: Raub Christ Jimenez “Magnet Power”
3rd Place (tie):
SMMS Annas Farooq “Cryptocurrencies: Safer US Dollar” 
HMMS Angie Staity “How does salt affect the freezing point of water?”

8th Grade (Engineering and Computer Science)
1st place: SMMS Carlee Davidson “Using Diffraction patterns to find wire width”
2nd place: SMMS Gregorio Soto Jr. “Energy Production: Wind Turbine vs. Solar Panels”
3rd place: HMMS Angela Mamari “The Monty Hall Problem”

High School Awards Given
DHS Alondra Rosario
$100 Kirk Shinsky Award from the East Allentown Rittersville Neighborhood Association

Middle School Awards Given 
HMMS Vanessa Ferriolo
$100 Frederick Greenleaf Jr. Award from the East Allentown Rittersville Neighborhood Association

Chosen Winner: Aerospace Engineering/Astronomy Project 
WAHS Arianna Watkins
$100 Space Frontier Award that honors Pete Conrad, a Pennsylvanian who flew to the moon on Apollo 12. From the East Allentown Rittersville Neighborhood Association.