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You Are the Light - April Celebration

You Are the Light - April Celebration

Congratulations to our most recent You Are The Light! recipients of the 2023-2024 school year! On Wednesday, April 24, 204, more than 50 members of our learning community were recognized for their contributions to their school and classrooms as Trendsetters, Classroom/Community Catalysts, or Quiet Heroes. Attendees were treated to fantastic performances by the William Allen High School cast of “The Wiz,” Washington Elementary School Flag & Dance Team, Muhlenberg Elementary School Performing Arts Club & William Allen High School Dance Academy. 

We also recognized two alumni of the William Allen High School Learning Community, Dan Kroll & Jeannette Torrales, both Class of 1993. They have given back to our school and district community in different ways and we are grateful for their continued dedication and commitment to students!  

Please help us celebrate & congratulate:  

Rebecca Singer, Dieruff High School

Marlene Rickerby, Dodd Elementary School

Curties Dries, Facilities Department

Karim Brown, Jefferson Elementary School

Wiam Ait Said Ou Hamou, K-6 Newcomer Academy

Tiffany Goodman, Lehigh Parkway Elementary School

Celines Machado Cancel, Ramos Elementary School

Corey Cowen, Raub Middle School

Victoria Matos, Ritter Elementary School

Natalia Herrera Munoz, Secondary Newcomer Academy

Christian DeJesus-Harley, Union Terrace Elementary School

Sadie Trochak, Washington Elementary School


These trendsetters are members of the Allentown School District’s Learning Community who utilize opportunities to create new paths for themselves, peers, colleagues, or members of the ASD community; Contribute to the development and/or improvement of programs, services, or curriculum; Foster staff and student growth, effectiveness, or professional development; Student trendsetters are people who demonstrate leadership within their schools/classroom to collaborate with administrators and staff to improve student experiences in the Allentown School District.

Classroom / Community Catalysts

 Jimmy Gorecki, Building 21

Shannon Salter, Building 21

Yanelli Iraheta, Central Elementary School

Wajiha Saba, Dieruff High School

Yaimiel Gonzalez, Dodd Elementary School

Isaiah Rivera, Harrison Morton Middle School

Perla Gonzalez-Guzman, Hays Elementary School

Nyahlee Morel, Jefferson Elementary School

Hubert Zieja, Lehigh Parkway Elementary School

Sallly Jane Payson, Mosser Elementary School

Jonhattan Devora Rodriguez , Raub Middle School

Taylor Kerkusz, Roosevelt Elementary School

Christina Scott, Sheridan Elementary School

Randy Hydro, Sheridan Elementary School

Bevin King, Union Terrace Elementary School

Joshua Trotter, William Allen High School 


These individuals continue to champion change in their classrooms, school, and community. Contributes to student success by closing achievement gaps, measuring progress/using assessments, implementing interventions, or student engagement. Student Classroom/Community Catalysts advocate for their peers by using their voices and talents to create change within their school communities. This may or may not be through the creation of or participation in student government, clubs, athletics, the arts, etc.

Quiet Heroes / Heroines
Matina Rabert, Admin Building

Kayla Schaffer, Central Elementary School

George Saba, Facilities Department

Gina Giarratana, Food Service Department

Brittny Buonanno, Harrison Morton Middle School

Stephanie Fleming-Davis, Hays  Elementary School

Jose Rivera, IT Department

Vera Peters, Jackson Early Childhood Center

Shannan Clayton, Jackson Early Childhood Center

Dhariana Moronta, K-6 Newcomer Academy

Zaniyyah Batista, Mosser Elementary School

Marianny Baez Placencia, Muhlenberg Elementary School

Chris Cosgrave, Muhlenberg Elementary School

Janelle Fetcho, Ramos Elementary School

Gino Piro, Ritter Elementary School

Annalise Ortiz , Roosevelt Elementary School

Daniel Creskoff, Secondary Newcomer Academy

Jeyra Torres, Sheridan Elementary School

Michelle Enriquez, South Mountain Middle School

Kiara Melo Vasquez, South Mountain Middle School

Tiffany Pongracz, Trexler Middle School

Ashley Genao Martinez, Trexler Middle School

Yanaimeliz Acosta Antuna, Virtual Campus

Jazmin Navarro, Virtual Campus

Zionell Figarete, Washington Elementary School

Donna Kravelk, William Allen High School

Mike Lopez, William Allen High School
Nichole Wentz, William Penn (Alternative Education)

 Jeisi Ferraras Rodriguez - William Penn (Alternative Education)
William Seng – Administration Center
Melissa Smith- Administration Center


These individuals might not live in the spotlight, but they are members of the Allentown School District’s Learning Community who continue to nurture those within their schools and departments. Staff Quiet Heroes develop successful partnerships and outreach to parents, businesses, or neighborhoods; provide community services or service-learning projects; display outstanding responsiveness, customer service, or customer satisfaction. Student Quiet Heroes contribute to the culture and climate of their school/community by supporting other students, staff, and families as a role model of active kindness, cooperation, and teamwork.