AllentownSchool District

Safety Task Force

The Allentown School District’s Safety Task Force Steering Committee is composed of 30 stakeholders representing district leadership, the Allentown Police Department (APD), school administrators, parents, students, and community members.


The Task Force is dedicated to cultivating a culture in which students feel safe, valued, and nurtured. To accomplish this, the steering committee reviewed ASD Board policy, safety protocols, and the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the APD. Such an MOU is required by law by the PA School Code Safe Schools Act.


In 2020, Allentown students, families, staff, and community members were invited to complete a survey and participate in a focus group process to gather feedback about the role that School Resources Officers play in our school buildings. Mass Insight collaborated with the Safety Task Force to facilitate this process, and their findings are below: 

These community voices also informed a revision of our MOU with the APD that will provide an atmosphere of improved student safety and greater clarity about the oversight of these SROs by the ASD and the APD. This revised MOU was approved by the Allentown Board of School Directors in April 2021.

View the April 2021 Safety Task Force Steering Committee Presentation to the Board below and learn more about the recommendations by clicking here: